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Album: Signo Rojo - Promoalbum 2011

Band: Signo Rojo
Album: Promoalbum 2011
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Lashing The Hellespont
02. The Beast Beneath
03. These Machines Used To Kill
04. The Calling
05. Dying Sun
06. Apotheosis
Download (Read about the band's deal)

Blekinge, the name of the part of Sweden Signo Rojo hails from loosely translates to
"Pale nothing"... That could be seen as somewhat indicative of the national character of the nation that has spawned some of the best harder-edged musical groups around these last decades.
Also cheap furniture.

Signo Rojo is an entity with both fleet firmly planted. One foot is anchored in the deep sludge of southern USA and the other planted in the ethereal world of introspective post-metal. The dangly bits in between have, on the other hand, been dipping into a wide variety of places. Be it crust-punk, doom-metal, classic prog or hardrock, Signo Rojo's privates has had an intimate history with it.

The band proper was formed in the late autumn of 2009, when the four members met at a local metal-show. They began writing almost immediately and spent the following winter and spring cooked up in the rehearsal room constructing and shaping a dynamic live-set that continues to evolve to this day. The following summer they started their crusade of gathering as much live experience as possible with their hopes set high on a touring future. A hardworking band is a healthy band and Signo Rojo craves the excitement, the energy and the positive social interactions you only get at a live show.

Band's Deal
Hi all!

We have just uploaded the new promoalbum on our myspace in it's entirety! We hope you will enjoy it and here's how you can get a FREE downloadable copy of that promoalbum.

What you need to do is easy as pie, you just have to send one email, ONE email and that's it!

What kind of email you ask? We'll that's sort of up to you.
In a nutshell what we want you to do is this:

You send an email to a promotional outlet, a music-blog, a radio station, a magazine, a promoter, a label, a tourbooker/venue (if you have a music blog/page of your own or if you invite a bunch of friends to our facebook fanpage we'll count that too) ANYTHING you can think of that may find our music interesting and forward the same email to ( please, no penis-enlargement suggestions though. We get enough of those as it is) and then you'll receive one free digital download of the new promoalbum to do with as you wish.
Good deal huh?

This way we'll get help promoting the band and you get free shit, if that isn't a win-win situation i don't know what is.
And please, BE CREATIVE! You don't have to limit yourself to the suggestions we gave earlier, do something completely out of left field if you want. Go nuts! If there are some stand-outs among the contributions those contributors may get some other free goodies on top of the album.

Well, there it is. Now go forth and promote! And we hope you enjoy our music!



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