Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Album: Kontakte - We Move Through Negative Spaces

Band: Kontakte
Album: We Move Through Negative Spaces
Label: Drifting Falling Recordings
Year: 2011

01. Astralagus
02. Hope...
03. With Glowing Hearts
04. Early Evening Bleeds Into Night
05. A Snowflake In Her Hand
06. The Owls Won't See Us In Here
07. Every Passing Hour
08. The Ocean Between You And Me

The winter of 2009 found Kontakte in hibernation, watching the snowfall outside and writing and recording between their home studios and rehearsal room. Zeroing in on the tiniest of detail, the long process involved meticulously recording and listening to hours of guitar layers, textures, beats, piano and strings. Winter became spring and in the summer of 2010 they emerged with 8 finished tracks. Each track was written with the others in mind with thought given to how each would sit next to the other and be heard, not separately, but as a collection of songs - a continuous hour of music.

Inspired by a myriad of artists ranging from This Will Destroy You to The Album Leaf to Tim Hecker and Eluvium, Kontakte have produced an album that despite its initial intensity, reveals more of itself within its numerous layers of melody and texture – a hypnotic record that evokes the sense of escapism in which it was conceived.


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